Your challenge buddy

Your challenge buddy

Meet Dewey Dex

Meet Dewey Dex, our challenge buddy from a galaxy far away.

Dewey is named after the Dewey Decimal System and is from the planet GJ 504b which is similar in size to Jupiter and made of pink gas.

Dewey Dex

Dewey Dex

The planet was discovered in 2013 yet no one knows how or when Dewey arrived in Western Australia.  

What we do know is the appetite for words and books Dewey has. On an intergalactic quest to read all the books on earth and is living the best life possible for a book-loving alien.

Not only does Dewey enjoy sipping on bubble tea, but it’s also a sustainable creature that munches on cardboard and cans. Helping make our planet a greener place.

We simply refer to Dewey as ‘it’ if we must. Dewey has a big smile, 2 teeth and a rather large tongue. At night Dewey snuggles up into the quietest corner of a bookshelf for some peace and quiet, surrounded by countless stories waiting to be discovered.

Dewey’s favourite songs include anything school bands and choirs perform except for the ‘Purple people eater' song.

Dewey understands that reading can sometimes be difficult. It knows that with each page turned, a whole new world opens, filled with imagination, knowledge, and endless possibilities. So whenever you feel stuck or unsure, Dewey is there to cheer you on.

Dewey can't wait to be our challenge buddy.